Linux for Hackers EP01 | What's Linux?

What is Linux?

Zaid Mukaddam
·Nov 11, 2021·

4 min read

Linux for Hackers EP01 | What's Linux?

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This series is not only for hackers but also for all beginners who are interested in Linux. By the way, if you want to become a hacker,

YOU JUST START LEARNING LINUX RIGHT NOW!!! GO!!! What are you waiting for!!!!

Anyway if you’re a kid, like 10 years old, No problem… Don’t be afraid… You can follow through this series and learn about Linux for free. But yes, you have to read, men!!! you cannot watch till I don’t create videos ;)

If you are thinking like “No men I can’t do this, Linux is too hard… How can I learn this? How can I practice this?…” These are all bullcrap… YES, YOU CAN…! Let’s Go Right!!!!???


Hold on, If you read this…

Let me know why are you here in the comment box… Just put why you are interested in Linux, why you want to learn Linux? okay, you put… fine!!! Perfect! Thank you! Let’s move on…

Okay, First of all, you need to install Linux OS on your machine… If you have several devices, you can install Linux for one of them. Otherwise, I recommended using a Virtual Machine. Oracle Virtual Box is pretty much cooler and easy to use. But It’s all your choice. What you want to do is, Install and run Kali/ubuntu/Parrot or any Linux distro on your virtual machine or your alternative device!!!

You can watch this tutorial for Creating a Hacking Environment

So if you install a Linux Distro Successfully, You can see a desktop-like this,


So this is Linux. I put the screenshot of a Kali Linux Distro. This is specifically optimized for Cyber Security & Hacking.

Kali Linux OS, OS stands for Operating System like other OSs. Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android… So Linux is just another OS. A Software that interacts with us to make our computer do things.

So someone was to ask you hey what operating system are you running right now! It would be Kali Linux, Kali Linux using Linux Kernal. Actually, I want to point it out! The Kernal !!!!

Linux is technically not an Operating System(OS). I know you are right now like “What the hell man, what are you talking about!?” No, it’s actually not an OS.

Linux is a KERNAL !!!!


So, we build Operating Systems on top of it!!!

Then you can say Kali Linux is an OS!!! And also Kali is not the only favor or distribution of Linux.

There are many like Parrot OS, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian…etc.

They all use a version of the Linux Kernel which is actually part of the OS but It’s not the OS.


Now, what does the Linux Kernal do?????????????? It has a very important job, It interfaces with our hardware CPU, RAM, Hard Drive…etc. When we as the hacker, want to run our favorite hacking tool.

So Kernal is a kind of a Middle Man between the Application and the OS and the Hardware. But to simplify things, We just call it Linux.


And we say what flavor of Linux and we say, well! Kali Linux!!!

Now the bigger question might be WHY LINUX??? I mean we got Windows! we got Mac OS! What’s wrong with those guys!!! huh?!


Well, Nothing and Everything! You can see what’s great about Linux, I’ll explain! what’s great about Linux is that it’s open-source which means a lot. But it basically means that it’s open and free to use and redistribute! So people can make awesome distributions like Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Ubuntu, etc.

The other benefit of Linux is that it’s traditionally FASTER & MORE SECURE. This is why most websites and servers in the world use Linux as their operating system. It’s also why Hackers use Linux, most of the hacking tools out there Linux-based. So that’s what Linux is and this is why we use it.

But now, How do we use Linux???


That’s a more interesting question because you might be looking at this Linux Desktop screen here. That’s your Linux computer desktop, and maybe thinking,

Wow! I didn’t know Linux had a pretty GUI(Graphical User Interface) like this. There are Icons, docs, and menus, and stuff! That’s cool! and you can use Linux like this !!!???

But it wasn’t meant to be used like this!!!

So, Do you want to know how to use Linux then?

I will explain it with the next episode of this Linux Article Series!!! So, follow me and put your comments on the article was this helpful?! And see you in the next episode!


  • Linux is Kernal, not an OS(Operating System)
  • Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Ubuntu, etc are OS or Linux flavors or Distros(Distributions).
  • Kernal is a kind of a Middle Man between the Application and the OS and the Hardware.
  • Linux is open-source, faster, and more secure.
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