How do you get hacked? [CYBER CRIMES]

Zaid Mukaddam
·Oct 26, 2021·

3 min read

How do you get hacked? [CYBER CRIMES]

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Hello Guys,

Today I will tell you guys about Cybercrimes and the different ways using which hackers can get to you over the internet and steal important information.

There are a number of powerful hacking tools in the hacking industry. All those tools actually connect and communicate with other penetrable devices via the rooted system (Rooted systems include our PC's/Laptops(pre-rooted) whereas our Android devices need to be rooted for to perform powerful hacking techniques but the problem with Android is that if one rooted an android without a vast knowledge of rooting, he might end up messing the whole device. Similarly, we have Jailbreaking in iOS, it also has the same risk as we have with Android)


Hackers generally prefer Linux based OS as it's very fast and highly customizable.

All the Hackers always look for a backdoor or a violated system functionality with the help of which they can create a backdoor to get to your system.

All things that a trained hacker requires to hack into your system is your IP address, Mac address(not always). Most hacking techniques are performed over WIFI, in which hackers capture data packets(even of other systems) in the air(floating around) and try to get useful information. Hopefully, the data packets have a number of encrypted(info coded in various patterns not known), which is hard to decrypt. But obviously, it's not impossible.


Hackers often try to get your Wi-Fi password and once they are successful in getting that, you come in huge trouble. After getting your password, a hacker might make his system a middle man between your system and your router, and then all the information you will enter will first pass to his system, then to the router. Still, the data will be encrypted but now it becomes a little easy to decrypt it and the person will get all the information. So to prevent all of the above, we recommend all the readers reading this to have a WPA2 or more encrypted Wi-Fi because then it becomes very very difficult for a hacker to get the password due to the high-level security features.

Things to keep in mind to prevent such attack

  1. Don't disclose your online IP to anyone.
  2. Try using the address bar on your browser to search and open websites.
  3. Always read the link of the website you want to reach as many times, if you want to go to , hackers might take you to facebook.corn (notice, at last, it's 'rn'). Hence to prevent the above, follow the second point.
  4. Don't connect to an unknown/not trusted free WIFI, as it might be of a hacker, which will get all info, once you connect to it and start working using the same.
  5. Don't prefer connecting to Info or Not secure website(websites which show '!' at the left of the address bar) as when a hacker redirects you to another faulty website, the above sign comes up. But you can open these types of the website if you trust the owner. Never enter sensitive info on a Not secure or Dangerous website.


Hope you learned something new :)

Feel free to comment below for any queries or suggestions...

There's a lot more stuff related to cybersecurity, which I would accommodate in other blogs. In future articles, I will also tell you how you can do hacking yourself and all the system requirements required for the same.

Will see you guys very very soon!! :)

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